Some are affected more than others

The past few months have presented more than enough challenges for everyone. But if you’re a daily-wage earner or a low-income family in Sri Lanka being in lockdown or isolation due to COVID-19, things can be downright daunting. MAZE teamed up with a bunch of warm-hearted volunteers to provide care packages for families around Sri Lanka during their time spent in isolation during the lockdown.

You can simply purchase a care package using our site; we will buy the items and pack them all together to deliver them to deserving families. Each care package is Rs 2499 and consists of various essential items to feed a family for few days or even, in some cases, weeks.

The families are doing their part by following guidelines during the lockdown and have no means of travelling to work or the closest town to get their essentials. What we are doing is just one small way we can potentially make their days a little brighter.

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