"We are all about creating our own products locally because we’re not just selling you Sri Lankan inspired designs that are mass-produced in China."
Prabath seneviratne, FOUNDER

MAZE puts the 'lit' in Quality

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Too Cool For School

MAZE school range is comfortable, unisex and practical for all year round use. Perfect for active kids with a secure fit.

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More than just a sock

Socks we love, made by the people we love

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Selling faster than hot cakes

Have you checked out our best sellers lately? Here's a list of some of our favorite best sellers. Enjoy!

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MAZE Founder, Prabath Seneviratne
There are no socks made for the tropical weather and even worse no socks with iconic Sri Lankan designs on them. Looking at the market, there are socks I would wear, but nothing I'd love to wear. That's when the idea for MAZE came up!