Design Your Own MAZE Competition
Do you love socks? Have you ever dreamt of wearing a pair of socks you designed yourself? Well now you can be a fashion designer… MAZE is giving you the chance to get those creative juices flowing and put your mark on our socks. We are calling out for people to design their own take on a pair of MAZE which will then be made into wearable and creative sock.

How it works

The competition has 5 stages

Winner gets it all!

Terms and conditions apply.

The winners will be selected based on popular vote through a social media scoring mechanism and is not a skill-based contest. Registrations are open now!

download guidelines and templates
Can I enter more than once?+
How do I know if I am the winner?+
What is the best way to send in my design?+
What material will the socks be made from?+
Is there anything I need to know when designing?+
How many colours can I use for the design?+
Is typography allowed?+
Is there an age limit?+
How will the social media scoring work?+
Are the socks made in Sri Lanka+
Will my design be made exactly as I design it?+
I have a question that is not answered here. Can you help me?+