Personalise your wedding attire with custom groomsmen and bridesmaid (why not) socks! Custom wedding socks are a perfect way to help immortalise this special moment in your life.

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Hook your crew up with custom groomsmen socks. Show them off during the photoshoot, ceremony and forever. Hang onto the memories of your wedding for the rest of your lives. Do you want a design that goes with your suit or your overall theme? Maybe you want to have matching socks for the whole crew with something unique to you lot? No matter what your requirement is, MAZE Bespoke socks will ensure you get what you're looking for your big day. Eventhough the bridesmaids will not wearing sock on the wedding day, custom socks are a great gift for those who helped you on your wedding day.
Our design team will work with you every step of the way to create a custom sock that will showcase your requirement far beyond the expected. Our designers will work with you on patterns and colours to create a sock that will stand out on your wedding day. We even offer complimentary mockups so you can envision the finished product before you even consider going ahead with it. With easy design revisions and extraordinary customer support from start to finish, you'll be rocking a custom-designed pair of socks on the poruwa, with no hassle.