Trade your generic socks for awesome custom socks that match your institutes' colours; they will be sure to leave a lasting impression with your students and everyone who sees them.

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In a MAZE custom uniform sock, we use the finest combed cotton combined with a unique blend of polyamide and elastane to ensure the most comfortable, durable, and universally fitting socks. Our socks are knitted using state of the art, 144 needle-point industrial knitting machines that can incorporate finely stitched custom designs with incredible detail into your institutes custom socks. Because our custom socks are knitted instead of printed, the colours will never fade or run. Also, we can incorporate four different yarn colours to match your institutes' colours.
Whether you are looking for socks for your sports team or to be sold as part of your school uniform, our custom made socks will be something that everyone loves! Our 144 needle-point knitting machine ensures high-breathability, a weave that will make you feel comfortable even on hot, humid days. We guarantee the best quality socks suited to the tropical weather. Boost the morale of your students by showing how much detail matters to you!
When ordering your custom school socks from MAZE, our team guarantees a seamless process from start to finish. We offer a super-fast turnaround time, perfect for small & quick orders. You can order via the website, by calling us, through email or by dropping us a message on WhatsApp. MAZE has everything in place to ensure your custom school sock order is quick, easy, precise, and the highest quality around.