The White Socks Conundrum

Michael Jackson may have made white socks and dark shoes look cool in the ’80s and '90s, but we are not in the 90s now, you’re no MJ and they are definitely not a good combo anymore. Why, you ask? We’ve got plenty of reasons. Please read on.

Fashion faux pas - the simple style rule is that men should match their socks to their pants. How often do you wear white pants to justify wearing white socks? We are pretty certain the answer is - almost never unless you are a Station Master of course.  If your go-to option for pants is jeans, like most of the male population, then white socks definitely do not fit the brief! We don’t think we need to even talk about the horror of wearing white socks with formal dress pants. In case you were wondering; the answer is a resounding – NO. Opting for white socks when there are so many brands, like MAZE, that offer vibrantly coloured, smartly patterned, fun socks, is just lazy. Make an effort to style your outfit, pay attention to detail and distinguish yourself from the herd. It will only lead to good things for you!

Stained reputation - white socks get dirty faster and show stains much easier than dark socks. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you are required to remove your shoes and have to endure the embarrassment of sweat-stained yellow socks, do you? Definitely not the best way to make a good impression – if you want yellow socks, try these. As you can see you will have none of these issues with coloured or patterned socks.

The only time they’re appropriate – white socks are fine if you are the athletic and sporty type. White socks are perceived to be appropriate to be worn with athletic shorts, track pants and running shoes. So, unless you’re heading for a run, to the gym or are a part of the local cricket team, those white socks should stay out of sight.