The Perfect Gift or a Gift from You to You

Do you get excited at the thought of receiving gifts? Does the anticipation of what the package might be, if you will love what’s under the wrapping or have to fake a “Yup, that’s definitely what I wanted” make your spine tingle? Yes, we get it.

99% of the time we only get gifts for our birthdays and there’s not a lot that’s better than being spoilt with gifts once a year. But there’s a problem. It’s only once a year. What if we told you that you could receive a package, with a surprise inside, every month? And there’s really not a lot you need to do to make this happen. Interested? Then it’s time to join our monthly sock subscription!

The MAZE monthly sock subscription program is simple and easy to join. You just have to visit our socks subscription page, select a 6-month or 12-month plan, add your card details and YOU ARE DONE! Your credit card will get charged once every month (not all at once – so you can cancel anytime). You will be the happy recipient of an exciting pair of socks selected especially for you by our in-house ‘socksperts’!

Apart from the excitement of receiving a ‘gift’ every month, even if it’s one you give yourself, there are some additional benefits of joining our sock subscription.

No need to worry about sock shopping

you don’t need to send your mom/wife to the store to stock up on socks anymore. You can pretend to be an independent, self-relying, grown-up by having your socks delivered to you instead! And of course, we pick out the best ones for you, so there’s no need to worry about style and comfort.

You won’t run out of socks

Since you will replenish your sock drawer every month, you will never be forced to leave the house wearing those ugly, frumpy socks tucked away in the back of your drawer. Or the pair with holes that you just forgot to throw out. You will always have new, stylish socks to complement every outfit.

The element of surprise with no chance for boredom

You will never get bored with your socks. How can you? You will receive a fun and vibrant new pair every month. These might be socks that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself but will wear them just because you’ve received them. Your sock game will always be fresh and on point. And we’re certain people will start to notice and you ARE going to feel good about yourself.

So, don’t waste time thinking about it. Join our subscription program now and look out for our super fun socks in the mail!