Socks: The Gift Your Dad Actually Wants

How many of the ‘cool’ gifts you’ve given dad for Fathers’ Day have ended up stuck in a cupboard, or unceremoniously donated away by your mom or if everything goes as planned, you get to use it/them? We’re guessing from experience that the answer is pretty much all of it. Well, you can stop looking for the perfect gift for dad this year, because we have it – MAZE!

Can any man really have enough socks? How many times have you seen dad frantically search through the laundry looking for an elusive sock in the morning? Or better yet, yell at you for taking his socks? Clearly, socks are one of the most useful gifts you can get him.

Worried about your gift being boring? We’ve got that covered too. You can actually surprise dad with some fun, colourful, novelty socks that are bound to stand out from the plain black, brown and white (god bless his fashion sense if he still wears white socks) socks that he already has. MAZE has a range of comfortable socks engineered for tropical weather and made with combed cotton. Dad will truly appreciate the comfort and quality of your gift. Furthermore, MAZE has a variety of colours, designs and even some really unique prints and icons that will definitely put a smile on even the grumpiest face!

Ready to become the favourite child this year? Getting shopping now!


Image credit: ModParty