Socks: make them your new fashion statement

We live in a detail-oriented age. The variety of accessories and possible modifications you can make to an outfit are at an all-time high. Socks are becoming popular and with good reason. The best way to get attention on a piece of your outfit is to have something that catches the eye without it yelling, "Look at me!". With almost all men wearing some form of single coloured dress pants and a plain button-up or safe coloured t-shirts daily, finding a pair of socks to complement your look can make any outfit look fresh and exciting. That's what we love about socks as a fashion statement, their versatility and simplicity to apply. Let's not forget that your socks will peek through most of the time, particularly with dress pants.

Socks are IN, and this is why MAZE offers a Socks Subscription service. We send a fresh pair every month to keep any style you want to rock looking a bit different every single time. Instead of searching for something that suits you, we save you time and send something totally random that will definitely be one of your favourites at a phenomenal price for such an essential part of your everyday attire.

The garnish to your look

Along with being an attention-grabbing piece, socks can be used in a complementary role as well. They serve as a garnish to the perfect outfit, the lime wedge or the parasol on your cocktail. Let's say you have a watch that you want to show off, and the dial is bright yellow. If you have a pair of socks complementing that colour, you immediately have eyes checking both levels of your attire without one stealing the show. Everything has a spot to shine, and now you're looking more composed and stylish.

Your money's worth

Unlike a lot of high-end shirts or accessories, the pricing of socks is pretty modest. They can be great gift ideas, and you get some mileage out of them. Socks are one of the few pieces of clothing that is what we call "Resolution-proof." There's no stress in buying socks, and you don't have to second-guess. MAZE are made in one size as they fit anyone with UK shoe size 6 to 12. 

Keep these in mind as you grow your collection of socks, keeping your outfits fresh and adding that ounce of swag to any look. Be different, be stylish, and be classy.