Sock It Up To Success!

It is no secret that what you wear can say a lot about your personality. It also influences how others view you and treat you. What do your clothing choices say about you? Are you the predictable type who hasn’t dared change their wardrobe in the last five years? Are you constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion and raising eyebrows wherever you go? Or do you conform for the most part, but throw in a splash of individual style to up your game?
A study published in the Harvard Business School Journal of Consumer Research titled The Red Sneakers Effect concluded that under certain conditions “nonconforming behaviours can be more beneficial than efforts to conform and can signal higher status and competence to others”, simply put – if you dress a bit weird, people think you are successful. This indicates that the stereotype of the ‘weirdly’ dressed successful entrepreneur (Almost everyone in Silicon Valley) or leader (Justin Trudeau) could actually be based on fact. If your dress sense has been conservative and conformist so far, it’s probably a good time to change that, especially if you want to elevate your status.

What can you do?
Socks are an element of your wardrobe that’s easy and fun to spice up. Wearing vibrant coloured, crazily patterned, fun socks can help create a unique sense of identity and style. It can help you gain some cred as the ‘gutsy guy’ or the ‘out of the box guy’, and even give you more room to bend the rules a little. Fun socks allow you to put your playful side on display, but also easily tuck under a conference table if you are required to ‘conform’ just to keep a client or senior executive happy.

Don’t hold out any longer. Get yourself some fun, crazy socks that express your personality, and show the world that you mean business!