So you want to buy socks? Here’s how!

Going sock shopping isn’t really a ‘thing’ is it? Most often the socks you own are gifts from a family member who really care about you or it was an impulse purchase while you were buying something else.
Let’s say you do purchase them yourself, socks are considered to be an ‘easy buy’. You look for a value pack, see if it’s got at least three pairs and add it to your basket. No biggie. WRONG! *buzzer sound* You really need to pay more attention to the socks you buy.

Here are some reasons why:

The material
The fabric your socks are made from having a significant impact on their level of comfort and performance.

    • Cotton – is comfortable and absorbs sweat from your feet, making it especially suited for tropical climates. They are highly suited for those engaging in intense activities, such as jogging or gym workouts. Their one shortcoming is that they don’t allow wetness to evaporate quickly.
    • Wool – breathes easier than cotton and allows wetness to evaporate. However, it’s bulky and more ideally suited for colder climates.
    • Synthetic materials such as polyester and acrylic – are thinner than wool and cotton and help wick the sweat away from the skin.
    • Silk – is expensive and less durable.


Size and fit
It’s important to pay attention to the size of the socks you buy, in order to have maximum comfort. Too large socks will end up lumping-up in your shoe, while too small socks can affect blood circulation and create a lot of discomforts. Thicker socks can provide some extra padding if your shoes are a tad too big, while thinner socks will be more comfortable with shoes that are a little snug. Or you can buy a pair that has the perfect amount of cotton and polyester so that it stretches well and gives you the perfect fit all the time.

Colour and design
Don’t limit yourself to buying only plain coloured socks. While these will probably be useful when you have to keep things modest like at a funeral, they can be very boring on a day-to-day basis. Mix things up with some funky designs, vibrant colours or themed socks. Fun socks can tell people a lot about your personality, and always be an interesting conversation starter!