Show Your Socks Some TLC

How often do you wash your socks? The correct answer to this is - every day! Or do you stuff your socks back in your shoes and wear it a second time? We hope not! Your feet typically produce half a pint of sweat a day, and your socks absorb all of it. Do you really need to think twice about washing them daily?

Showing your socks, some care goes beyond just washing them every day. There a few other steps you should be taking to ensure that they last longer. Here are some tips that should help.

Washing socks – your socks would have come with a care label on their packaging, instructing you exactly how to care for them. But, if you are like most of the sock wearing population and have thrown out the instructions, we will share some general rules to help you out. You can machine wash your socks unless they are cashmere, in which case it would be best to hand wash them. It’s best to use a colour safe detergent to ensure colour retention. Make sure you turn your socks inside out before throwing them in the washing machine so that they retain a pristine outer appearance.

Storing – when storing your socks, do not stuff one inside the other or ball them up, as this would lead to them stretching out. Instead, fold them gently and make sure that each one is matched with its respective pair. That way, you will never be caught with ‘odd socks’ and have to yell with frustration each morning!

Wearing – always keep your toenails neat and short as a majority of holes in socks are caused by long and jagged toenails. Pairing your socks with the right type of shoe is also important in prolonging their lifetime. For example, cashmere socks should only be worn with soft loafers and not with heavy shoes like boots. Also, don’t walk around the house in just your socks as this wears them out.