Should You Lift Weights in Your Socks?

Lifting weights is an excellent form and one of the common ways of exercising. It helps you strengthen and tone your muscles, build endurance in the body and lose weight. Studies suggest that all healthy adults should lift weights at least two to three times a week. However, you must do it the right way. Wearing the proper gym wear and maintaining the correct posture is a vital part of it, and it is common we all think we should always exercise with our shoes on. Or does it?

Start working out in your socks!

Well, what if we tell you that working out in your socks will be critical to lifting weights more effectively and lead to a better stance?
We see your confused looks reading this but let us tell you why. Experts say that lifting weights in socks instead of wearing shoes is one of the best ways to up your game.

Working out in socks can be considered to be vague, thinking that this will lead to some risky injuries at the gym. That is not entirely true, and what's worst, the usage of shoes might be the potential risk factor impacting your exercise. There is a possible risk that can alter the structure of your foot if a person wears shoes for a prolonged period or makes it a habit of wearing them too often.

Lifting weights wearing socks is a good practice to adopt as it may have several benefits for a person who works out. To start with, working out without heavily padded shoes will uplift your posture and help maintain a good balance, both of which are vital for a good weight lift. This helps stretch out and tone important muscles in and around the calves and improve muscle strength in the feet, enabling you to maintain sturdy ground as you pick up weights.

Working out in good quality socks might also help you lift heavier. Since the muscles on your foot are exposed, they are in a better place to be engaged, and due to that, you can perform intense exercises and heavy-duty lifts, such as heavier compound deadlifts and squats. Utilising more body muscles in your workout will improve your lift quality, making you perform better at the gym. Also, working out in your socks will engage more nerves and muscles in and around your feet. When we get our feet to touch the ground, the brain senses this neuro-engagement and responds better.

As you can see, there is no denying that working out in your socks has its benefits; it has its own set of setbacks; therefore, if you are a beginner or just trying out, you must proceed with caution. Before completely switching over to working out in socks, remember to try out one exercise at a time. This will help you and your body adjust to the new training methods and sync with the changes. Also, it is crucial to be careful if you plan to work out in your socks outside. Be sure of the surface you are working out on as sharp or uneven objects can injure your foot and prove risky. Similarly, it goes without saying that you should avoid surfaces that can be slippery and always wear good quality socks - you know where to get them.