Is ‘sock gifting’ a thing?

Gift buying can be a super stressful endeavour, whether you’re buying for someone you know well like a parent or a mere acquaintance like your colleague’s husband. Your head can start spinning looking at all the possible options when you walk into a mall. What colour should it be? Size? Do I buy perfume AGAIN? Does it have to be a personal item or will a household item do? What’s an appropriate amount to spend?? All this stress is enough to make you politely decline invitations to birthday parties for the rest of your life!

Well, we’re happy to tell you that we have a simple solution – SOCKS. Not convinced? We will tell you why you should just head to our store next time you feel that familiar panic at the thought having to buy a gift.

Spoilt for choice

The days of boring, plain white socks are gone. You now have endless options in terms of design, colours, characters and themes. You can go the elegant route with a modest set of navy socks or the funky route with kokis or pink polka dots. Brands like us offer a range of fun localized prints and are designed especially for tropical weather.

Easy on the wallet

Although the prices of socks may vary depending on brand and fabric, they are generally non-expensive. If you want to spend a little extra, you can go for a high-quality sock – which depends on the percentage composition of cotton and type of cotton etc... You can get the best of both worlds by shopping with us as we have a variety of pairs at great prices.

Sensible and age-appropriate

Everybody needs socks. Can you ever have too many? We’re sure that you’ve struggled more than once to find a matching pair of clean socks. It’s the one gift that you know will actually be useful to the recipient. Also, socks are ageless. They are appropriate for your 60-year-old uncle as well as your 21-year-old office intern.

So, the next time you head out to pick up that last-minute gift, just remember that socks DO make good gifts!