How strong is your sock game?

How long do you spend deciding which pair of socks to put on each morning? Not long right? Let us take a guess; your drawer is full of the same style of socks in black, blue, brown and maybe even white? Perhaps there are a couple of 2 colour striped socks in there for variety and ‘special occasions’. Boring isn’t it?

In general, are socks your most uninspired piece of clothing? The thing you bother about the least each time you pick out your clothes? Not anymore!
Today, socks have gone beyond being just a functional clothing item, to become a fashion statement or expression of individual personality. Thankfully, there are shops and websites in Sri Lanka that sells some colourful socks, and then there's MAZE who manufactures super comfortable socks in vibrant colours and fun designs including Sri Lankan icons, making it easier to take your sock game to the next level.

Here’s how you can have some fun with socks:

  • Look for socks in designs and colours that best reflect your personality and add them to your wardrobe. Picking out a favourite from a drawer full of fun and vibrant socks can actually make you feel better as you get dressed - in the morning or when going out in the night, especially if the socks remind you of something silly or funny.
  • Standing in as a groomsman at your best friend’s wedding? Choose a theme or colours that are important to your group of friends and get some character socks to have some fun on an otherwise long arduous day. Everyone can look dapper in their suits and ties while sporting Jambu and Kokis on your socks.
  • Heading out on a first date? You can dress up to impress your date, while you show off your funky side with a pair of fun socks. It could also be a good conversation starter if things get a bit awkward - and they always do, don't they!

Get started now, and pretty soon your family and friends will be clamouring to see what cool new socks you have added to your collection.

Get MAZEted!