Good Quality Socks Are Worth The Investment: Reason 1

We take many things for granted; some things that we never realize are important until they are gone or not working anymore. Some of these are critical things we just think will always be there, such as good health or relationships.

But let's not overlook all the little things too, those that contribute toward making life better - like a great cup of tea in the morning or a few minutes of silence at the end of a long day.

Then, there is the MOST important thing that we take for granted all the time. And that's socks!

In all seriousness, good quality socks are worth the investment, and you will certainly not take them for granted when they're among your favourite garments. Starting today we will look at four reasons why you should invest in MAZE, we mean great socks.


By spending a little more, you will get quality socks which last longer. This is good for several reasons; not the least of all is math. Sure, you can get a cheap pair of socks for Rs. 300 or maybe even less. The problem is, you will have to replace those socks two or three times a year or just get used to your toes poking out of holes.

That adds up to masses of discomfort, plus the hassle and annoyance of wearing thin, worn socks and having to keep repairing or replacing them. 

By paying a little more – and you can get great quality socks. You will be getting socks that are made from better materials and with a higher level of craftsmanship. You will, in turn, get more life out of them and gain financially in the long run. Good quality socks can last for many years and never show a hole or start to fray.

In addition to the fact that quality socks are good for your wallet in the long run - or even the long walk, they will also be much better for Mother Earth. If you are tossing out socks multiple times a year, they are just ending up in landfills and doing damage to an already struggling planet.

You will not have to ditch your awesome tropical socks or your classic black MAZE anywhere near as quickly. The other thing about higher quality socks is that they are a style statement all of their own. If you eventually have to ditch one or lose one, you can mix and match funky pairs as a fashion statement, and nobody will think twice about it! In fact, it will probably just get you labelled as super trendy.

As for that investment in your feet, that's a good thing too. Cheap socks are not just made from cheap materials, they are made using cheap production methods too.

A pair of cheap socks will not have gone through the same inspection or quality assurance level that a pair of quality socks have. That means you never know exactly what you are going to get. Instead of getting socks that will only last a few weeks or months, you may even find socks that are unwearable right off the bat. 

The idea that people understand the added value and want to invest in higher quality socks is not anecdotal. The numbers back up the fact that people increasingly see the value in socks that are better made and higher priced. The global sock market is growing due to an increase in awareness that different types of socks are needed for different activities and occasions, such as weddings, birthdays and even funerals or life celebrations. There is also a boom in younger people considering socks a major fashion accessory. And they certainly can be; any outfit can be cheered by a splash of bright colour.