3 things you should consider when buying socks

Shopping for socks shouldn’t be a tedious and complicated endeavour. We don’t think you make it tedious anyway. However, it is important to keep a few pointers in mind the next time you buy hosiery so that your sock game is on point.

Fabric Composition:

What kind of yarns are in your sock? The right mix can actually determine how comfortable and durable your socks are. Socks manufactured with high cotton percentage are generally considered to be of better quality (surprise! Surprise!) than those made with synthetic yarn, albeit more expensive. But 100% cotton can be not the best too as it restrains the stretchability of the sock. Brands like MAZE are manufactured with the right amount of Cotton, Polyamide and Elastane to give you the best fit. More importantly, are socks for tropical weather. They are also pre-washed for extra comfort, yay!

Type of Fabric:

Socks are usually made from cotton, wool, polyester, spandex and nylon, with silk and cashmere being used for more expensive and formal socks. Each fabric has its pros and cons, but it is essential to identify which is most appropriate for your personal requirement and climate. For example, MAZE manufactures its socks using high quality combed Cotton, to provide maximum absorbing power (one of the main jobs of a sock is to keep your feet dry in tropical weather) and 3% Elastane so that it gently hugs the wearers' legs without any stiffness.


It is important to consider the colour of your socks for two reasons: fashion and durability. Fun designs and colours are attractive and can help up your fashion game, but it is also necessary to consider how long-lasting all those colours are. You don’t want your red patterned socks to come out of the washing machine looking pink with the colour having washed away. Look for brands like MAZE that pre-wash the fabrics for colour retention, and use bright and bold yarns to ensure the colour lasts even after multiple washes.